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"Making films that make a difference"

Gem TV are a group of young, independent, Ethiopian filmmakers, who were recruited as a group of young people from Gemini families.  Today there are one of the few professional video production companies working in Ethiopia.

The film makers of GemtTV were trained over a period of 5 years by a team a television professionals sent out from the UK. They were taught all aspects of production and post production. In 2005, the GemTV film makers were awarded a UK City and Guilds Diploma in Media Techniques, Television and Media competences.

GemTV arose from the community – as a group of young people all from disadvantaged backgrounds, they have the ability to provide a means by which other dispossessed communities can make their voices heard. GemTV has developed a unique style by which communities themselves are involved in writing their story and in acting in the films. These films clearly resonate with communities.

GemTV makes films on a range of social issues:  HIV/AIDS, early marriage, education, human rights and the role of women.   Gem TV regularly works with many of the international NGOs based in Ethiopia, including UNICEF, the United Nations Development Project, the Austrian development Cooperation, Christian Aid and Womankind, amongst others.

Gem TV’s films have appeared at international film festivals and on ETV, Ethiopia’s national television service.  They are also shown as “videos on wheels” in diverse communities all over the country, where they inform, educate and inspire discussion.




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Gemini launches in the US  as the Ethiopian Gemini Trust Inc.

Support Gemini in the UK through Gemini Action International.

In Ethiopia we are now known as the Gemini Foundation